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"At its core, storytelling is just ordering chaos. It's conveying a message that not only inspires and entertains, but helps audiences think about their purpose in a different way and then change behavior accordingly. Our world is craving strong leaders who can set a clear vision, purpose and passion for others to follow. Whether you're a leader of a corporation, organization, ministry or family, my role is to help you grow in your role and great storytelling is the conduit I use to do that." 

Kevin Mowers


About Kevin



20+ years experience working in organizational and leadership development, with a focus on conflict resolution and restorative justice.

Master of Science in Psychology focusing on Organizational Behavior and Human Development.

Held various roles in higher education, including the Director of Residence Life at Kent State University, managing 200 employees and a $20 million budget.

Nationally lectured, presented and facilitated discussions at national conferences on topics such as Restorative Justice, Social Justice, Organizational Development, and Leadership Development Theory.

Contributing author to "The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Colleges and Universities" by David R. Karp.

President of Extended Management, Inc., and owner of Northeast Ohio's CRESTCOM franchise, a leadership development company where I help develop managers into leaders.


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"Kevin is incredible...His ability to tell a story around growth is remarkable and [he] puts everything into perspective with potential for success."

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