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What is your legacy? Have you done all you can do with your time to fulfill a greater purpose? What's your greater "why"? 


At the start of 2020, like so many people, I was forced to ask myself a simple question:


What is my purpose in life?


Like so many people, I kept coming back to disappointing answer:

I have no clue.


With serious prayer, reflection, and guidance from loved ones, I worked to answer this question. In time, I refined a calling to invest in people, helping and inspiring them to grow as individuals in both their professional and personal lives.


As a result, the credo "moving hearts" developed. 


Whether I'm facilitating a leadership workshop, offering organizational development advice, doing 1:1 coaching, or giving a keynote speech, my mission is to inspire and move hearts.

I believe we each have a divine purpose and it's our responsibility to harness our talents, skills and experiences to fulfill it. 

My purpose is to help support you on your journey to do just that.


Kevin Mowers keynote speaker
216 Studios interview with Myra Rosario
Kevin Mowers OSC 2023 conference
Kevin and Elizabeth Mowers
2023 keynote

"Kevin was incredible! I'd love to listen to him again."

"Kevin was wonderful. The presentation and lesson were perfectly executed and delivered."

"Have him come back to speak!"

"After listening to Kevin I can't wait for him to start training our team."

"An hour very well spent!"

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